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EUROM HOLDING offers consultancy for natural or legal persons, private or public, national or international, covering a wide range of this field.

The range of our services is expanded, including, among others, the protection of minority shareholders, mergers and acquisitions, registration of companies, drafting documentation specific to companies. We offer our clients legal services and business solutions for their companies’ problems. Our strengths in this regard are:

  • Registration of companies
  • Registration and deletion of branches and subsidiaries
  • Lucrative facilities
  • Division of companies
  • Merger and acquisition for companies
  • Dissolution and Liquidation of Companies
  • Assignment (sale) of shares and equity interests
  • Legal transformation (SRL, SA, etc.)
  • Temporary suspension of the activity of Companies
  • Exclusion and withdrawal of shareholders
  • Appointments, revocations and changes of administrators
  • Appointment, change / modification of the commission of censors
  • Extension or reduction of the duration of operation of the Companies
  • Increase or reduction of share capital
  • Contributions to share capital (nature, currency)
  • Reassessment of share capital
  • Changes of the object of activity (addition, reduction coding)
  • Registration or modification of trademarks and emblems
  • Company name change
  • Changing the company’s registered office in other counties.
  • Takeovers of companies
  • Due Diligence
  • Disputes between shareholders
  • Restructure of the share capital
  • Public tenders
  • Funding
  • Disputes on dividends
  • Joint ventures


Our activity ranges from drafting special contracts to providing the documentation needed to complete a business in the broad context of the legislation.

Some of the areas we specialize in:

  • Competition
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Insurances
  • Commercial agreements
  • Capital market


We offer qualified legal assistance on all aspects of privatization, starting with the preparation of the offer up to tender documents for A.V.A.S

EUROM HOLDING covers issues such as:

  • Drafting sale-purchase agreements 
  • Restructuring and implementation of investment plans
  • Offering prospectus
  • Sale-purchase agreements
  • Tender documentation.

Property and constructions

Expertise in property law is one of our specialties, as the basis of most commercial transactions.

We offer specialized legal assistance in this field of property law, which is a sensitive issue in Romania. The Eurom group’s practice also relates to the law of constructions, with a special emphasis on the following aspects:

  • Mortgages and encumbrances 
  • Construction agreements 
  • Collateral guarantees
  • Lessor and lessee 
  • Obligations related to environmental protection

Tax consultancy

Any person operating in this field learns in a short time that the Romanian tax legislation is complex and different from international standards, nevertheless tending towards the harmonization with the European legislation in the field. Therefore, this area should always be approached in a professional manner, regardless of the nature of the case in question.

EUROM, through its accredited accounting experts, has substantial experience in the field of taxation, acting for both Romanian and foreign clients. Our activity covers, among others, aspects such as: tax planning for companies, designing individual tax schemes for foreign residents, etc. Thanks to its extensive expertise, Eurom offers legal solutions for repatriation of profit, for maximizing investments and reducing the taxes incumbent to companies.

So far, our company has been active in the following fields:

  • VAT
  • Income tax
  • Corporate tax
  • Financial control
  • Disputes with tax authorities
  • Company taxation 
  • Tax withholding 

Registration of companies

Registration of companies in Romania and related operations such as:

  • joint ventures
  • takeovers of companies
  • restructure of share capital
  • registration and deletion of branches and subsidiaries
  • division of companies
  • merger and acquisition for companies
  • dissolution and liquidation of companies
  • assignment (sale and purchase) of shares and equity interests
  • legal transformation (SRL, SA, etc.)
  • temporary suspension of the activity of companies
  • exclusion and withdrawal of shareholders
  • appointments, revocations and changes of administrators
  • appointment, change/modification of the commission of censors
  • extension or reduction of the duration of operation of the companies
  • increase or reduction of share capital
  • contributions to share capital (in-kind, currency)
  • reassessment of share capital
  • changes of the object of activity (addition, reduction coding)
  • registration or modification of trademarks and emblems
  • company name change
  • moving the company’s registered office in other counties.

We also offer consultancy and assistance in establishing associations and foundations regulated by GO no. 26/2000, as amended.

Other legal services

With the help of our collaborating lawyers, we offer you the following legal services:

  • Representation in court in civil disputes – declaratory actions, claims, possessive actions, inheritances and partitions, termination of joint tenancy, delimitation of property boundaries, evictions, foreclosures, family law actions
  • Legal assistance and representation in commercial disputes – assistance in privatization, development strategies and restructuring and bankruptcy representation default, debt recovery, reconciliation, order of payment, dissolution and liquidation, exclusion of associates or shareholders
  • Assistance and legal representation in criminal disputes– drafting of complaints, notifications and criminal denunciations, assistance during the criminal prosecution and the criminal trial, provisional release under judicial control or bail, conditional release, insurance measures, rehabilitation, civil damages. 
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