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Within the accounting services department, we are at your disposal with the following offers:

  • Financial and management accounting
  • Financial reports in accordance with the specific requirements of each client and with the Romanian legislation in force
  • Financial reports according to international standards, GAAP and IAS (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow)
  • Balance sheet, tax declarations, income tax statements
  • Income and expenditure budget
  • Analysis of accounting reports
  • Accounting expertise ordered by the judicial bodies or requested by natural persons under the conditions provided by law 
Contabilitate Eurom


"I recommend Eurom Work Protection as a professional and reliable partner for any company, and I appreciate its quality services and the flexibility of the solutions offered, which differentiates it favorably from its competitors.."
Parva Valentin
Administrator, Incotech SRL
"We highly recommend the entire package of accounting services, human resources and tax advice provided by the accounting company Eurom Accounting SRL, represented by Mrs. Alexe Ionelia, who will certainly become an effective and fair partner for any company."
Attila Lorincz
Director General, Zdrovit Romania SRL
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