Accounting Expertise

Accounting sustainability

We illustrate below, without limitation, the problems that an accounting expertise can address:

  • Verification of the Administrator’s management showing the amounts collected, their destination and the payments made
  • Preparation of the legal accounting records by the Administrator
  • Verification of all Registers provided by law for all forms of legal persons
  • Highlighting and paying obligations to the State resulting from the accounting activity
  • Collection and payment of CASS, income or profit tax
  • Compliance with legal requirements regarding permits and approvals necessary for the Administrator to carry out current payments, necessary or urgent expenses 
  • Compliance with the maximum ceiling on making payments to service providers
  • Checking the legal nature for the collection of money amounts by the Administrator
  • Verification of the legality of the calculation, carried out by the Administrator in establishing, determining the causes of the payment by the service providers of penalty amounts, the amount of penalties paid during the mentioned period and the person responsible for the occurrence thereof. 
  • Verification of all current payments made by the Administrator to the service providers, their legality, and if, while the legal person had to pay arrears / penalties for the payment of the suppliers, the Administrator made expenses that were not urgent or necessary, or kept the money in the House without paying service providers
  • Analyzing the records to find payments higher / lower than the amounts collected during the said period
  • Establishing the damage caused to legal persons and determining the persons failing to comply with legal provisions

Feedback from our clients

I highly recommend the collaboration with Eurom Accounting SRL, especially in the field of accounting, human resources and fiscal consultancy. The cooperation with this company, represented by Alexe Ionelia, will surely be a fruitful partnership for any company.
Nicolae Cioboiu
Administrator, Sticerom, Sticerom SA
"We highly recommend the entire package of accounting services, human resources and tax advice provided by the accounting company Eurom Accounting SRL, represented by Mrs. Alexe Ionelia, who will certainly become an effective and fair partner for any company."
Attila Lorincz
Director General, Zdrovit România SRL

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