About Eurom Holding

We add value to your business

The Eurom group of companies meets the needs of businesspersons and enterprises of all sizes, providing considerable support in all spheres of activity.

Advantageous commercial contracts, analysis and remediation of financial statements in a short time, avoiding commercial problems, understanding the legislative news correctly, all these depend on your choice, a decision that we consider as essential in the business world.

The solutions offered by us are varied, comprehensive, for a complex market which is always changing. Our services include legal and fiscal consultancy, depending on the business model of the company, accounting services and accounting expertise, auditing, evaluations, voluntary liquidations, as well as ancillary operations, always responding quickly and conscientiously to all tasks, so as to help our clients in reaching their business goals, with a minimum expenditure of money and energy.

Our specialists have the ability to offer tailored services according to the client’s needs, taking over the operational tasks and saving valuable time for companies. In this regard, we collaborate with accounting experts, lawyers, notaries, judicial experts, cadastral engineers, judicial executors, certified evaluators and auditors and judicial liquidators. Each client gained becomes, in time, a valuable partner within a sustainable team made up of collaborators and partners.

Another ability is outlined by the altruism to identify business opportunities together with our partners through cross services, and in this way, we act in a permissive and intelligent environment of recommendations between Eurom partners with complementary business models.

Together with our collaborating lawyers, we can offer solutions for commercial disputes, arbitration, tax litigation, administrative litigation, debt recovery, legal reorganization and bankruptcy, as well as real law solutions (claims, forced executions), and, exceptionally, in criminal cases in different commercial environments. We also offer advice and representation in labor disputes, which are sometimes delicate issues, requiring a lot of attention and skill.

Eurom Holding offers consulting services in Romania, as well as to foreign companies working in collaboration with Romanian capital companies, as well as to all entrepreneurs, regardless of the business model adopted.


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