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EUROM HOLDING provides services for various types of persons or companies, from Romania and abroad, covering a wide range of domestic and international issues in this field.

Our range of services is very wide, including protection of minority shareholders, mergers and procurement, establishment of companies, as well as drawing up complex, company-specific documents. We do not offer our clients only legal services, but business solutions for the issues their companies have to deal with. Our milestones are:

  • Establishment of companies
  • Registration and strike off of subsidiaries, branches
  • Local offices
  • Division of companies
  • Company mergers and procurement
  • Dissolution and liquidation of companies
  • Assignment (sale) of shares
  • Legal transformation (S.R.L., S.A., etc.)
  • Temporary discontinuation of company business
  • Exclusion and retirement of shareholders
  • Appointing, revoking and changing managers (executives)
  • Appointing, changing/modifying auditors' commissions
  • Extension or reduction of company duration
  • Increase or reduction of share capital
  • Contributions to the share capital (type, currency)
  • Re-evaluation of the share capital
  • Modification of the business object (addition, removal, codification)
  • Registration or modification of trade marks and logos
  • Company name changes
  • Moving the registered address of companies to other counties.
  • Company take-over
  • Due Diligence
  • Shareholders disputes
  • Equity restructuring
  • Public bidding
  • Financing
  • Dividend disputes
  • Partnership agreements


Our activity in this field goes from drawing up special agreements to supplying the documentation, which is necessary to conclude a transaction in the wider spectrum of the legislation.

Here are some of the fields we specialize in:

  • Competition
  • Mergers and procurement
  • Insurance
  • Commercial agreements
  • Stock market


Privatization is a complex phenomenon, especially in the light of the new specific regulations. Our company can offer qualified legal assistance for all aspects of privatization, from preparing offers to bidding documents for A.V.A.S.

The experience of our HOLDING covers aspects such as:

  • Drawing up sales agreements upon concluding a transaction
  • Re-structuring or implementing an investment plan
  • Offers
  • Sales agreements
  • Bidding documents

Properties and Construction

Our experience in the field of ownership is due both to the fact that it is one of our specialities, but mostly because this aspect is the basis of most commercial transactions.

We provide legal assistance in this field of ownership that is still a problem in Romania. EUROM GROUP has also much experience in constructions right, with emphasis on the following aspects:

  • Mortgages and servitudes
  • Construction agreements
  • Collaterals
  • Owner and lessee
  • Obligations with respect to environmental protection

Other Legal Services

Our attorneys can also provide you the following legal services:

  • Court representation in civil disputes - ascertainment, claims, possessions, successions and distribution of assets, impartibility, property limits, evictions, enforcements, family right trials
  • Legal assistance and representation in commercial disputes - assistance in the field of privatization, developments and re-structuring strategies, representation in case of bankruptcy and payment incapacity, recovery of debts, conciliation, payment summons, dissolution and liquidation, exclusion of associates or shareholders
  • Legal assistance and representation in criminal disputes - drawing up complaints, intimations and criminal denounces, assistance during the criminal investigation and the criminal trial, temporary release under legal control or hold on bail, parole, insurance measures, rehabilitation, civil indemnification.
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