Fiscal Counselling - 

Fiscal Counselling

Any person involved in this field becomes immediately aware that Romanian fiscal legislation is extremely complex, as it is different from international standards, but it tends to become harmonized with the European specific legislation. Thus, this field must always be approached professionally, regardless of the issue.

EUROM's accredited chartered accountants have vast experience in the filed of taxation, acting both on behalf of Romanian and foreign clients. Our activity covers areas such as: fiscal planning for companies, individual fiscal diagrams for foreign residents, etc. Due to our solid experience, we offer legal solutions for repatriation of profit, for maximizing investments and minimizing company taxes.

Up to the present, our company has been operating in the following fields:

  • VAT
  • Income tax
  • Profit tax
  • Financial audit
  • Disputes with fiscal authorities
  • Company taxation
  • Tax withholding


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