Establishment of Companies - 

Establishment of Companies

Establishment of companies anywhere in Romania and related activities, such as:

  • Partnership agreements
  • Company take-over
  • Equity restructuring
  • Registration and strike out of subsidiaries, branches, offices
  • Division of companies
  • Mergers and procurement of companies
  • Dissolution and liquidation of companies
  • Assignment (purchase and sale) or shares
  • Legal transformation (S.R.L., S.A., etc.)
  • Temporary discontinuation of company business
  • Exclusion and retirement of shareholders
  • Appointing, revoking and changing managers
  • Appointing, changing/modifying auditors' commissions
  • Extension or reduction of company duration
  • Increase or reduction of the share capital
  • Contributions to the share capital (type, currency)
  • Re-evaluation of share capital
  • Modifications of the business object (addition, removal, codification)
  • Registering or modifying logos
  • Changing company names
  • Moving company registered offices in other counties

We also offer you counselling and assistance in the establishment of associations and foundations that are regulated by the Government's Order no. 26/2000 in the latest version.


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