Accounting surveys - 

Accounting surveys

Accounting surveys may cover the following issues and areas:

  • Checking the managers' activity, detailing the cashed sums, their destinations and payments
  • Checking the manager's legal accounting records
  • Checking all duly Books, for all types of companies
  • Highlighting and paying duties to the State, resulting from the accounting activity
  • Cashing and paying social security and income tax
  • Complying with legal provisions concerning permits and approvals that are necessary for the Administrator in order to make current payments, on necessary or urgent payments
  • Observing the limit of payments made to service suppliers
  • Checking the lawfulness of collections made by the manager
  • Checking the lawfulness of the calculation made by the manager, when establishing the reasons for collecting penalties from suppliers, the amount of paid penalties during the specified period and the person who is responsible for their occurrence
  • Checking all collections made by the manager, by comparing the copies of the receipts with the Cash Book
  • Checking all current payments made by the manager to the service suppliers, their lawfulness and if the company has important overdue payments/penalties to suppliers, the manager made expenses that were not urgent or necessary or he/she kept the money in the cash register, without paying suppliers
  • Finding payments that are smaller/bigger that the collections from the respective period
  • Determining the prejudice caused to companies and identifying the people that did not observe the law.


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